Monday, May 12, 2014

20 acres of Land $600 Colorado, Washington State, Oregon , California Cheap Land, Cheap Acres

Cheaper than Ebay! These are about 70% cheaper than on Ebay!!





20 acres of land to camp on, fish, hunt, use for recreation ,put a temporary shelter on to stay on. Many of these properties have a nice stream going through them. These are available for a limited time.

These properties are gold mining claims, the same ones the old timers panned for gold in and yes most of them still have gold on them! We have people to stake out your claim and file all of the necessary documents to put the claim in your name.After that you have the right to use the land, put temporary living structures on it, campers, etc. The land is still owned by the Federal Government but you have the right to use the land.

You could have your very own claim within a month! After that every year you just send in a form ,with ten dollars to keep the claim in your name. Your children can inherit the property.

But the best part is you can get 5 of these properties for a total of 100 acres of land and pay $50 a year to keep your claim current.

As an owner of a Gold mining claim you are entitled to put a camper, tiny house temporary shelter on your claim.


What we do,


We offer several options,

Our basic is one claim of 20 acres for you for $600. This includes the staking of the property and all of the necessary legwork and paperwork. The claim is put in your name or names, yes you may have multiple owners of the claim. Some of these have streams through them others do not. If you must have a stream add $200.

Additional claims are for $500

All claims must be paid for in advance.

Questions? Please email u or call 

210 901 9076

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